Au lit !

2019 – 3D printing, r-PETG, felt, wool, straps

“Au lit!” contains an extra bed, it can be easily transported thanks to a system of straps and 3D printed parts. Thanks to a system of straps associated with 3D printed parts and felt, the mattress once folded becomes an additional cushion that can also be used as a small extra seat. It can be transported from one house to another thanks to the different folds and adjustable straps. Thus, the inflatable mattress is no longer stored in the cellar or attic, it can be part of the layout of the living room always ready for use. To use the mattress, simply loosen the straps and unfold the felt (which will serve as insulation between the floor and the mattress to provide more comfort to the guest). The kit also contains a woolen blanket, it is large enough to accommodate various additional items such as a toiletry bag, a change of clothes or even an inflator.