Le cercle 5•5

2021, Paris

Initiated by the studio 5•5, the cercle 5•5 is a space for exhibition, sale, reflection and creation around circular design. This place presents a selection of antique objects, pieces from committed designers, surviving products and other curiosities, showcases of responsible design.

For le cercle 5•5 we have designed table lamps recomposed from elements from our production of Gigi pendant lights. These elements have been discarded because they have slight manufacturing defects. Through this recomposition we are giving them a second chance to find a buyer at a reduced rate. We have equipped these lamps with reused sockets and cables, plugs and switches found on leboncoin.

You will also find a selection of double candlesticks 2.20 and 2.21 sold off, because they also have slight manufacturing defects.

Boutique fermée en décembre 2021.