double bougeoirs 2.20 – lot de 2 – dégradé vert/blanc & rouge/blanc


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Pièce unique.

2.20 is a double candle holder, it can accommodate both a tealight candle and a candle depending on the side on which it is placed.

This object is made in 3D printing in our studio from recycled and recyclable plastic bottles as well as compostable bioplastic made from corn starch (rPETG + PLA).
For more information on the production of our objects and the materials used, go to ici. 

As a reminder and to avoid any incident:
Do not leave a burning candle unattended.
Do not move the candle holder when the candle is lit.
Remember to extinguish the candles before the flame reaches the candlestick.


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blanc, bronze, vert menthe, jaune 100% recyclé, noir, vert, rouge, bleu