dish soap Álvaro


bleu transparent 100% recyclébleu transparent 100% recycléjaune transparent 100% recycléjaune transparent 100% recycléturquoise transparent 100% recycléturquoise transparent 100% recyclévertvertvert menthevert menthevert transparent 100% recyclévert transparent 100% recyclé


The Álvaro soap dish is designed to hold a solid soap.
The shape of the soap dish keeps the soap out of the water so that it can dry between each use.

This object is made by 3D printing in our studio from recycled and recyclable plastic bottles as well as compostable bioplastic made from corn starch (rPETG + PLA).
For more information on the production of our objects and the materials used, go to here.

Delivery included in mainland France.

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bleu transparent 100% recyclé, jaune transparent 100% recyclé, turquoise transparent 100% recyclé, vert, vert menthe, vert transparent 100% recyclé


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